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Our Background

Hi everyone and welcome to my website

so what's the story behind the business,
5 years ago I purchased a reliant regal supervan 3 and had it  transformed into a replica trotter van, Ive been doing weddings and events with the van ever since,
last year I started collecting props from the show many of which were very hard to find especially the bar, but with a lot of searching and determination I've built up a large collection ive also made props myself were I couldn't find them so this is where the next stage of the business started,
I decided to build a full size set of the trotter flat and within a month it was finished, I then decided to also build a full size replica of the wine bar and hatch that del boy falls through in the episode "yuppie love"
So here we are with the sets built including the van i am now able to put on events around the uk for the fans to enjoy, go on you know it makes sense

Only Fools and Horses events is exactly what it says it is, an event, we will tour our trotter flat, wine bar set, and trotter van throughout the UK putting on events in suitable hotels an venues,
So what's at an only fools and horses event
At the event will be a full size set of the trotter flat including all the props, the wine bar with hatch you can fall through "there will be something soft to land on" and the trotters independent traders tatty yellow 3 wheel trotter van.
In the flat will be the cocktail bar and all the accessories including delboys cookie jar, lamp, ice buckets and more, there will also be the retro brown orange an yellow floral curtains, elephant picture plus others from the show boxes full of dels hookey gear including crowning glory wigs of distinction, bankrupt stock, betatime radio alarm clocks, Romanian reisling wine,
Golden balls boxer briefs and many more,
Blow up dolls from "danger UXD" gold chains, musta cassette radio and Kylie Minogue LP, cheese dish, Buddha, triggers urns, Charles and Diana wedding plate, tubular bells and showaddy waddy Lps, the porcelain dog with wig, horse riding hat sprayed red, the Harrison lesser watch including the 6.2 million pound cheque plus many many more
Also the wine bar hatch that delboy falls through
The chandelier scene
And of course the star of the show, the yellow 3 wheeled van with leopard print interior, dixie horns and the suitcase on the roof.

All visitors can visit the sets and have full access for photo opportunities "limited numbers at any one time time" 
There will also be special appearances throughout the day by the UKs number one delboy, uncle Albert or Trigger lookalikes (changes may accur depending on availability) as well as actors from the show (when available)
Food will be provided at the venue, either a full buffet or 2 course sit down meal,
Also throughout the event there will be an only fools and horses quiz and a free raffle for those who take part
with cash prizes, only fools and horses props and bottles of bubbly.

Cardiff Event 
Christmas with the Trotters only fools and horses event

Swansea Event
At the Village hotel Swansea langdon road
Sat March 26th 2022

Tickets are for morning or afternoon slots on the day
10am till 2pm ( Buffet 12noon )
2.30pm till 6.30pm ( Buffet 4.30pm )

Ticket prices
Adults £75
Children £35
Limited child places (children aged 8 years to 15 years only sorry no under 8s)

Please keep in mind that there are limited number of tickets per event
So you and your significant other can enjoy a cushty day at one of our events, keep watching for all the latest updates and information thanks and bonjour
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Enjoy our unique bucket list event

Based on the much loved iconic comedy only fools and horses watched by millions of fans throughout the decades only fools and horses events takes you back in time to those classic scenes,
Take a walk around the trotter flat with its garish curtains and 1950s cocktail bar, sit in grandads chair and take in the aroma or the 70s and 80s decor and many props as seen in the flat, plus fall through our replica wine bar with open hatch, there will be a soft landing on the other side. take part in our chandelier prop and try not to drop it ( now brace yourself Rondney ) come and marvel at the trotters company vehicle a dirty yellow reliant 3 wheel van with trotters independent traders logo leopard print interior dixie horns tax in post midwife on emergency call and the suitcase on the roof. enjoy a lovey inclusive meal "steak not guaranteed" as well as professional lookalikes and actors "when available" to make the event even more fun plus entertainment, ofah quiz, competitions, raffles, mini auctions, merchandise and much more.
so book an event with us and have a cushty time go on you know it makes sense lovely jubbly.


trotters independent traders
three wheel van

uk's number one lookalikes 


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Bringing our trotter experience all over the UK to thousands of only fools fans and putting a smile on their faces and aday they will never forget

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